A journey with Southern Interstate Chapel Ministries


Imagine a week where nothing goes right; on Monday, your car gets a flat tire and you need to replace it, Tuesday you learn you weren't chosen for the promotion you were hoping to get, you and your best friend get into a disagreement that Wednesday, you burn most of dinner on Thursday trying to multitask, Friday comes and you get a call from school saying little Tommy is sick and you need to pick him up, and Suzy has softball games scheduled all day on Saturday and your spouse has been working overtime because work has been shorthanded.

What a week, right? At least you will be able to look forward to going to church that Sunday to pray and heal. Plus, you do have your friends and family to help you get through the hectic, trying times. But, if you didn't?

Truck drivers are known for working in conditions that are stressful, depressing, unhealthy and isolated. Long hours are spent driving alone with little to no human interaction and when something goes wrong, there isn't usually anyone around to vent to or confide in. Bottled up feelings as well as feelings of helplessness and isolation can lead to a dark life. Most truck drivers are also not able to make church services due to their busy, heavy workloads.

Fortunately, the Baldwin Baptist Association has a ministry designed for these truck drivers. The Southern Interstate Chapel Ministries often holds Sunday morning service at the Oasis Travel Center located at 27801 County Road 64 Ext. in Robertsdale (Wilcox Exit off I-10). This ministry gives out goodie bags that include pens, paper, mints, chap stick, gloves, and more to truck drivers. The ministry also provides trucks drivers with CDs of sermons, bible study text, bibles, prayer and a listening ear for these individuals who face the long hours of driving and being separated from friends, family and the lord.

During the recent holiday season, this ministry made special efforts for the truck drivers who wouldn't be home for Christmas and teamed up with local churches and religious groups for both the SICM and the Catch & Release Ministries (Prison Ministry). All throughout the year, this ministry does what it can to help those that are on the long roads. Follow the journey on their Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SouthernInterstateChapelMinistries.

Charlie Wilson spearheads the efforts of this ministry as chaplain serving at the Oasis Travel Center and at the Loxley prison two nights every month, but he doesn't do it alone. Any church, group, organization, business, or individual who would like to help in this ministry is welcome to do so. Help can be contributing goodie bags or items for the goodie bags, sermon CDs, bible study text, bibles, maintenance in the chapel and your prayers for these truck drivers.

Wilson was born in Alabama and ordained in 2012 at the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Magnolia Springs. Along with the ministries mentioned previously, Chaplain Wilson has served at RV parks, the Salvation Army, halfway homes for men, and more. He is currently seeking to raise funds for a men’s shelter for Baldwin County.

If you would like more information on this ministry or if you would like to be involved, call Wilson at 205-310-0195 or email sicm316@yahoo.com