County seeking new recycling collection sites


County leaders are searching for new sites for recycling collection around the county, following the news that the Baldwin County School System has asked that current recycling collection points on campuses across the county be removed due to safety concerns.

Baldwin County Solid Waste Director Terri Graham told the county commissioners at the Sept. 25 commission work session she had been contacted by school officials to ask the county to re-locate the recycling sites to areas not on school property.

“Because of that request, we’d be looking at reducing our locations from 31 to 24 across the county,” Graham said.

Graham said she and her staff have worked to try to find other locations for recycling sites across the county, including several volunteer fire departments, but had been unsuccessful thus far.

“We’re looking for other locations to be able to put some bins out, but we haven’t found much right now,” Graham said.

She added that the town of Loxley had also recently voted to remove the bin in town because of misuse of the bins.

“People were using it more as a dump site than a recycle center,” Graham said.

Graham said updated maps of recycle bin locations across the county would soon be added to the county’s website.