Extra security in place at Robertsdale High after threat


ROBERTSDALE, Alabama — Additional officers from the Robertsdale Police Department and Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office were on hand Wednesday at Robertsdale High School after a threat was made Tuesday at the school.

“We discovered some writing on a bathroom wall yesterday that I believed was threatening in nature,” said RHS Principal Joe Sharp. “I contacted Robertsdale Police Chief Brad Kendrick, Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack and Superintendent Eddie Tyler, then sent a message to parents that a threat had been made to the school.

“While we don’t want to alarm anyone, we are taking this threat very seriously and will take steps to ensure the safety of our students until this threat is resolved.”

Sharp said he was asked by Tyler not to reveal the specific wording of the threat, but they are conducting an ongoing investigation with RPD and BCSO investigators.

“When we find this person, charges will be filed and they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Sharp said. “We also want all of our teachers to take this opportunity to remind their students, if they see something say something, and what our protocols are when a threat is made.

“We have an excellent SRO Heath Brill (with the Robertsdale Police Department) who is here all the time, and we appreciate the Robertsdale Police Department and Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department in all they do to ensure the safety of our students.”

Some parents at Robertsdale High School responded to the threat by warning their children to be watchful while others kept their children home for the day.

One sophomore parent said, “It’s 50-50 because most of the kids that run their mouths are just talking. It makes people weary but you can’t go around being scared every time you hear a threat.”

Another sophomore parent decided to keep her child home on Wednesday because the suspect had not been identified. She said another student called her child Tuesday evening to ask if their name was on “the list.”

“The other child said they found a list of names on the bathroom wall with Wednesday’s date. My child came in the room, he looked like a ghost when he told me,” she said. “That’s crazy. That’s a little more than just a kid talking. It’s unnerving.”

A message was posted on the Robertsdale Police Department’s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, which reads:

“We are aware of the threat that was made regarding Robertsdale High School. Investigative efforts are underway to locate the source. At this time, the threat is deemed as non-credible, however there are extra security precautions being taken. There will be an increased police presence in and around the schools as needed.”

Allison Marlow contributed to this report.