DayBreak Senior Care begins second decade of service


DayBreak is a respite center where caregivers can be assured that their family members will be lovingly cared for and carefully engaged with others with dementia issues. To the DayBreakers, DayBreak is a seniors’ social club where they play games, have lunch with their new friends and become more active than they have been at home. To the caregivers, it is four hours, twice a week that can be used for appointments, shopping or time with friends. DayBreak is home away from home, a place to meet new friends, hold the hand of an old friend, and laughter – lots of laughter.

DayBreak is part of the Gulf Shores United Methodist Church’s Outreach Ministry, and it depends on grants, gifts from organizations or individuals and the small fee that is charged for each Monday and Wednesday session. DayBreak has flourished due to the amazing volunteers who lend their time and talents to fill each day with activities from painting to throwing very soft “snowballs” to spirited rounds of Bingo. DayBreakers also benefit from the generosity of local entertainers who bring music and entertainment to each session.

To the caregivers, DayBreak is a needed release from the rigors of caring for one who needs constant care. For the DayBreakers it is a welcome time to socialize and – for a short time – forget shortcomings. If you would like more information about DayBreak or to schedule a visit, contact Amelia Fletcher at (251) 968-2549 or Marianne Hawkins at (251) 752-1849.