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A pecan pie to love


In Alabama and particularly Baldwin County we are surrounded by pecan trees. Beautiful stately trees that  produce a pecan nut that is especially prized in the South. If you’re fortunate to have a pecan tree in your yard you will understand when I say that it is a blessing and a curse. Truly the blessings are many and include the beauty, luscious shade and remarkable nuts.  What is the curse?

The curse only weaves its way in due to my shortage of time.  Annually when my beautiful trees are heavy with pecans I smile at the gifts from nature. Soon after my brain registers the amount of work that is in my future once the pecans escape to Mother Earth. It is important to pick up the pecans right away before moisture damages the pecans or wildlife arrives for the bounty.

If you have ever picked up pecans you will understand the need to “Tom Sawyer” anyone that may assist with a share of pecans. Of course, picking up pecans is only the start of the work. After harvesting, I highly recommend that you deliver the pecans to a professional nut cracker.

 Our area has several locations that will crack nuts for a reasonable price. After pecans are cracked you will still need to sort the pecan shells from the nut. Keep the pecans in the refrigerator or freezer until you have time to sort and package properly. All of this becomes a labor of love but it so worth it once you have fresh pecans in your freezer.

Fresh pecans are full of flavor and a healthy treat as a snack. Multiple locations in our area sell fresh pecans and their specialty products.  This is always a great gift idea for everyone whether its plain pecans, candied or dipped in chocolate.  My web site has a great recipe for Homemade Candied Pecans. This is a great treat to make and share all year long but especially during the holidays. In addition, a pecan pie made with love is a perfect gift.

My bonus Mother, Wathon Woodham taught me how to make a great pecan pie. In our circle of family and friends she is famous for making “the best pecan pies”. Guests to our home now expect to see a couple of her famous pies on the dessert table for the holidays. This is one dessert that quickly evaporates before your eyes.

Lovingly she shared her recipe with me. In an effort to use agave over corn syrup I adapted the recipe. This is my gift to you. Warning, once you start making this pecan pie your guests may want it again and again.

Happy holidays to you and yours. May the season bring blessings, joy, peace and A Pecan Pie to Love.  If you need additional recipes, visit dessert category at www.diningwithmimi.com

Love from Mimi’s Kitchen,