Firearm found on student at Fairhope Middle


The Baldwin County School System sent out an alert this afternoon a handgun had been confiscated from a Fairhope Middle School student earlier today.

"This afternoon a student reported seeing a firearm at Fairhope Middle," BCSS Communications Director Terry Wilhite wrote. "Fairhope police and administrators confiscated a handgun from a Fairhope Middle student without incident. Police also did a sweep of the campus to determine if there was possibly a second firearm. Only one firearm was on the Fairhope Middle campus."

One Fairhope Middle student who talked to The Courier said they were not aware of the situation until the all clear was announced.

"The teacher told us it was a lockdown drill," the student said. "They told us to stay quiet."

Wilhite said the school's safety and lockdown procedure worked well.

"But most importantly, a student saw something and reported it immediately to a teacher who alerted administrators," Wilhite wrote.

The student who possessed the firearm is now in the custody of Fairhope Police.