Learn to play golf with your favorite superhero

U.S.G.A and Marvel Comics offer juniors instruction from super heroes


Thanks to the U.S.G.A and Marvel Comics, junior golfers have the opportunity to learn the game of golf with instruction by their favorite superheroes. Imagine teeing off with the Hulk, laser tuning your putting skills with help from the Black Panther, and polishing up your golf etiquette with tips from Iron Man. It’s all possible with the new printed and digital comic books launched in June at the U.S. Open.

The new Marvel comics replace the Peanuts/Snoopy Rules books which have been published for more than 30 years and features Marvel’s Super Heroes teaching juniors the basics of playing the game. Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, and other members of the Avengers learn about golf and young players can follow their adventures on the links.

Mike Davis, the CEO of the USGA, commented, “We’re excited for this opportunity to introduce and teach the game of golf to a junior audience in a way that’s completely unique. Utilizing the power of the Marvel universe will help us introduce the game to potential new golfers while also giving our existing players a fun new way to learn.”

An additional teacher’s guide, an aide for teaching professionals, is also available. It offers alternative options designed to help juniors learn and understand rules, handicapping, and etiquette on the course. Who knows when or where the next young golfer will rise to become the new Super Player in golf.

For more information on how to purchase a book online, visit usga.org/publications. SEE RELATED LINK BELOW.