Need a distraction or fun activity?

Silverhill’s ‘Where’s the Mayor?’ fun, educational way to pass time


SILVERHILL, Alabama — Need a fun activity to do while cooped up at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, or just need a distraction in this time of stress?

Silverhill Mayor Jared Lyles has come up with a fun way to pass the time while learning about Silverhill’s history at the same time. All you have to do is find him.

The monthly quiz, “Where’s the Mayor?” was actually launched on the town of Silverhill Facebook page back in January, Lyles said, as a way to engage the public through social media.

“Now that more people are using social media during this time, I’ve tried to make it a little harder,” Lyles said.

The first “Where’s the Mayor” was launched in January as a way to promote the town’s dedication ceremony for the new additions to the Veteran’s War Memorial, located at Paul Anderson Park across from Town Hall.

The clue is a closeup of one of the Purple Heart logos that appear next to some of the veterans’ names on the memorial. The winner was Vicky Morton.

The February “Where’s the Mayor” was a hand water pump located at the Silverhill Cemetery. February’s winner was former town clerk Diane Lores.

Once a winner has been established, Lyles posts a video to announce the winner. For the January video, Lyles gives information on the memorial and invites residents to come to the dedication ceremony.

In the February video, Lyles talks about the history of the cemetery and the significance of the water pump to the town’s history. He also talks about some famous residents who are buried at the cemetery, include the Maier sisters, who were the original Doublemint Twins.

While the March winner has yet to be announced, Jared said, as of Thursday, participants were getting really close and there would probably be a winner by Wednesday’s publication.

The fourth installment should be announced later this week or early next week. Check out the Town of Silverhill’s Facebook page for clues.

Here are a few rules to follow:

-- You are only allowed one guess per clue - any guesses after that will be thrown out. If an additional clue is given because there has been no correct answer, then you can make an additional guess.

-- Winners will not necessarily be posted as soon as there is a correct answer, so keep guessing. There is always a chance that the first person who guessed it is not eligible.

-- A specific guess may be required - a general location may not be enough.

-- Employees of the Town of Silverhill, or their immediate families, are not eligible to win. Also, if you assisted with the clue, history or research, you are also not eligible to win.

-- If there is any question, final decisions of the winner will be made by the Town.

Lyles said other programs are being planned for launch in the coming weeks, designed to engage residents and get folks out, safely, to look for clues.