Care about your community


Last month a new talk show debuted, The Melanie Robinson Show, and the ads leading up to the first show was the host saying, “I care about you.”. In today’s world when some-one says I care especially when they are from the government and “here to help you”. We get cynical. But, in reality, there are people that care. The question is are you one that cares?

In my life, there was a guy, Roger in Centerville at the VA that served our family and many more that we referred to him with compassion, passion and care. Fairhope Social Security office has a lady that has straightened out hundreds of messes made with people’s checks. One person had worked for over 35 years and had been denied their social security. She straightened it out. Who in government roles have shown you that they care?

In Baldwin County we have several cities that are ACE, Alabama Communities of Excellence Communities, They are Bay Minette, Spanish Fort, Fairhope, Foley and Gulf Shores. What does that mean? First of all, it is a FREE to these communities. It has an annual report for accountability to their comprehensive and strategic plans. Volunteers in the program like myself have seen this process be a catalyst for change. NO, it is not a program that will do it for you NOR will it tell you what to do. Above all it is a process that is not perfect. BUT it is conduit for continuous improvement, goal setting and progress reports, and access to partner resources for the city and the community. It is a program that exudes caring of a community by others that are not members of that community.

There are individuals in our cities that care. The person that edges the sidewalk where I walk cares. Cares about their work and it shows pride in our community. Who is that in your community that cares? Say thank you to them today. Be grateful.

No matter our walk of life, job, career we can care about what we do, be positive, do not let the cynicism over take us, care, it will bring about a change in ourselves and in our community. Care and community will nourish and grow Baldwin County’s economy in the right way. Grow where you are planted.