Communications Center provides hub of information for Baldwin County


ROBERTSDALE Alabama — With a school system the size of Baldwin County, good communications is the key to providing accurate and up-to-date information for students, faculty, parents, media and the public.

A few years ago, officials in Baldwin County converted an unused space that had been locker room and coaches offices for the old Robertsdale schools, which originally encompassed the former Robertsdale High School.

When new middle and high schools were built in the early 1990s, the space was utilized by Robertsdale Elementary School, but had been used for storage since that new school was built in 2005.

Some of its original purpose is still evident.

Shower heads remain on the walls where Baldwin County’s elite athletes are featured in a space utilized as a conference room and to host local media to exchange information for the public.

Also some of the original lockers are still utilized as storage space.

Some have been modified slightly to serve a new purpose. An area used to house towels and refreshment has been converted into a coffee bar utilized by both day-to-day employees and visitors who come to the center.

The technology of the space has obviously been greatly updated, from giant screens that line the walls where employees can monitor all websites and social media outlets for the county’s 48 member schools to a complete television studio located on the other side of the space which continues to be utilized as a gym.

Equipment for the facility was donated by local television station WKRG and Instructor Michael Bland and students from the South Baldwin Center for Technology’s television production classes use the space, formerly used as a band room, almost daily for hands-on assignments.

Work is also being conducted to convert additional space in order to expand the Communications Center’s ability to serve its estimated 31,000 families, and all members of the communities they serve.