Spanish Fort approves entertainment district


Spanish Fort city leaders approved a proposed entertainment district for the new container park being built at Spanish Fort Town Center.

The new container park, called “The Fort,” is a mixed-use development with restaurants and shops that will also have a common open-air space where customers can sit, eat and drink.

City Attorney David Conner said that common open-air space would be the likely boundary for the entertainment district, which would allow of-age patrons to carry alcoholic beverages in that specific area.

Conner told the city council rules for the entertainment district would be strictly enforced according to the proposed ordinance, which stated alcohol could not be brought into the district nor could it be bought there and taken off the premises.

The city would designate the specified entertainment district area with proper signage informing patrons of where they can or can not take alcoholic beverages.

Patrons would be allowed to carry alcoholic beverages as long as they are contained within the proper containers that will be marked with the seals of the businesses they were purchased from.

Patrons would not be allowed to enter one container shop with a beverage from another shop.

The entertainment district would allow patrons to exit licensed premises with alcoholic beverages from 10 a.m. until 12 a.m.