Orange Beach debris pickup ends March 16


CrowderGulf will end Hurricane Sally roadside debris pickup operations for residential properties in Orange Beach March 16. It is advised that any remaining storm debris should be moved to the city right of way as soon as possible. City equipment cannot handle the large debris. After March 16, removal of large debris will be at the expense of the property owner.

To help expedite the process, separate debris for service. Vegetative debris like tree limbs need to be separate from construction and demolition materials like drywall and carpet. White goods, such as appliances will be picked up as well. Keep debris away from storm drains, low power lines and other utilities and mailboxes.

Commercial-generated waste such as new construction, cannot and will not be picked up by CrowderGulf. That is the responsibility of the business or contractor.

Over 397,000 cubic yards of debris has been removed from the city right of way. That is equivalent to 20,000 dump trucks, which would stretch about 91 miles if parked end to end.

Other debris collection totals:

31,000 cubic yards or marine debris

21 vessels removed by the city (out of roughly 625 displaced vessels which nearly all were retrieved by boat owners)

20,000 cubic yards of trail debris

1,505 units of white goods