Children’s book encourages thriving amid hardship


When the spread of the coronavirus came, Kat Kronenberg was preparing to launch “Think Big,” the third installment in her wildly popular trilogy of children’s books.

Now, she is conducting interviews, working with school groups and leading discussions about the story from her couch, and it couldn’t be more perfect.

The book recounts the story of a band of animals whose homes and ways of life are threatened by drought. Working together they learn to connect their hearts and minds, ignite their courage and thrive amidst hardship.

Sound familiar?

“The message of the book is that we can get through anything if we do it together, so it’s been really cool to discuss that message now when people need to hear it more than ever,” Kronenberg said.

The author said she has learned over the years how to continue on after tragedy through a series of heartbreaking personal events. Her brother died at 18 from a heart arrhythmia. Her sister died of the same affliction 10 years later.

 “What do you do when you’re faced with pain or a death due to the coronavirus? How do you rise above the pain,” Kronenberg said. “That’s why these stories have come to me. I didn’t grow up saying I wanted to be a writer one day, it kind of wacked me over the head. I had to tell these stories.”

Kronenberg said she hopes to inspire her readers, both young and old, to work together, love and say yes to life, despite all the hard times.

“That to me is the other part of doing good. If you watch each animal in the book they say yes to life and do good. This helps kids get to their yes. I’ve gotten back to my yes after the pain,” she said.

“Think Big” is the third and final book in the Live Big Trilogy which also includes “Dream Big” and “Love Big.” The gorgeous illustrations by David Miles burst with all the colors of the African Savannah, a location inspired by Kronenberg’s honeymoon trip. The author returned there with her children to research the book.

All three books are accompanied by worksheets, blog posts, activities and games listed on the website, where Kronenberg has been keeping in touch with her readers until she can meet them in person on her upcoming book tour.