Loxley PD delivers Mother’s Day surprise to local family


LOXLEY, Alabama — One local family got a Mother’s Day surprise from a source they probably weren’t expecting, the Loxley Police Department.

Just days before, Loxley Police Officer Thayer Studt was called to the local Dollar General on a report of a lost wallet. He was able to track down the wallet’s owner and discovered that it belonged to a young Loxley resident.

“Through the course of the investigation he was able to find the young resident and discovered that he had been saving up to buy his mother a Mother’s Day present,” said Loxley Public Information Officer Lt. Doug Phillips.

So, on Mother’s Day, Studt, along with fellow officers Cameron King and Brian Coley, delivered Mother’s Day presents to the family. They also delivered presents for the young resident and his brother.

“Everyone here is proud of their efforts to go above and beyond,” Phillips said.

Being involved in the community and going above and beyond just investigating crime is something all officers in the Loxley Police Department are encouraged to do, said Loxley Police Chief John “Chip” Cason.

It’s something he learned as a young officer with the Summerdale Police Department and carried over that philosophy when he took over as chief with the Loxley Police Department, he said.

“We encourage all of our officers, not just to solve crimes, but to be a part of the community in which they serve,” he said. “I take great pride in the fact that all of our officers are not only good investigators, but they are good people.”