One of many American heroes


Our United States are in unprecedented times with so much bad news coming every day.  We try to search for some “positives” in order to help battle against this dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. 

About a month ago we learned that our niece Amy McDonald who is a Paramedic out of  Fairhope, Alabama a small town on Mobile Bay had volunteered along with other first responders from around the country, to travel to New York City to help support the FDNY.    

They traveled in an ambulance convoy to NYC where their assignments took them to Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx.  They used Facebook to communicate and keep the FDNY emergency channel clear.  

While she was responding to calls in Staten Island, a Facebook  message came in from a retired EMT from NYC now living in Israel.  The man asked if someone could check in with his mother to see if she was ok.  Amy’s response, “I would be honored to check on your parents.” 

With the help of her team, Amy was happy  to let the worried son know that his Mom was just fine.  Amy spent two weeks up in New York before returning to Fairhope a few weeks ago.  Upon her arrival home, Amy was quarantined and is now just returning to work assisting those in Alabama.  

I know that there are so many “AMERICAN HEROES” today in the fight against this dreaded virus.                    The sacrifices that these people are making is truly inspiring and helps put a “smile” on one’s face during times that bring so much sadness.  

Amy McDonald, we are all so proud of you . . . you are an American Hero!             


Kurt Harz, Lisle, Il.