Prodisee Pantry announces possible COVID-19 exposure


SPANISH FORT, Alabama — Prodisee Pantry is alerting volunteers and families who visited the facility for food assistance on Tuesday, July 7 of a possible COVID-19 exposure.

In an email sent Saturday, July 11, Executive Director Deann Servos said they were notified that a person who was in the building during the food distribution on Tuesday, July 7 was infected with COVID-19.

“Prodisee Pantry has notified all clients and volunteers who may have been in close proximity,” she said. “The building has been sanitized and cleaned in accordance with the current guidelines and recommendations.

“If you have not been contacted by Prodisee Pantry directly that means our records show that you were not within 15-20 feet of the infected person. We are not disclosing the name of the person infected with COVID-19 but they are cooperating with us.”

Prodisee Pantry continues to serve a record number of families seeking help putting food on their tables during the pandemic, Servos said.

“Prodisee Pantry is pro-active in the safety measures we have in place which include the requirement to wear a mask in our facility, hand sanitizing and social distancing,” she said.

To date during the COVID-19 pandemic; volunteers have distributed 570 tons of food to the 8,749 Baldwin County families who have sought groceries over the past 16 weeks.