RHS Alumni Association hands out 20 scholarships


ROBERTSDALE, Alabama — The Robertsdale Alumni Association handed out 20 scholarships during a special ceremony held Tuesday, April 27 at the Honeybee Park pavilion in Robertsdale.

The Alumni Association hosts two annual fundraisers for scholarships, the annual Forks and Spoons Tasting Spree is held annually in October at the PZK Hall, and the Annual Tea Party, which celebrated its 12th year in March at the Baldwin County Coliseum.

While both the Forks and Spoons fundraiser was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic, the Annual Tea Party was held virtually in February and money was raised through a Centennial quilt raffle.

Each of the recipients at the ceremony received a $500 scholarship to the school of their choice.

Tuesday’s awards were handed out by Alumni Association Vice President Rita Turner, Secretary Diane Foster and Membership chairman Stephanie Kroll with help from the Young Miss Honeybee Georgia Carrino and Little Miss Honeybee Breanna Schiemer.

Scholarship recipients for 2021 included:

Joey Steele Memorial Scholarship, donated by Joy and Dr. Joseph Steele and presented by Tricia, JP and Tucker Steele: Hunter Theodoro and Eli Godfrey.

Emma Campbell Nichols Memorial Scholarship, presented by Ruthie Campbell: Lilly Glassford.

Carolyn Sellars Memorial Scholarship, presented by Julie Sellars Grant (pictured), Andrea Sellars Robinson and Stephanie Sellars Doggett (not pictured): Saxon Sommer.

Mrs. Mertis Teel Childress Memorial Scholarship, presented by Evelyn Lowery: Emily Kalifa.

Little Miss Honeybee scholarships, presented by Stephanie Kroll, Young Miss Honeybee Georgia Carrino and Little Miss Honeybee Breanna Schiemer: Madison Cooper and Jack Kyte.

Additional scholarships were presented to Kyla Carpenter, Chloe Giardina, Cali Hess, Carleen Horace, Madison Cooper, Baylee Lueck-West, Cole Bedrick Cheney, Thomas Eli Roberson Jr., Kierra Earls, Gillian Langham, Peyton Barnes, Morgan Barnhill, Emily Crandall and Grant Driver.