Teachers vaccinated in Baldwin


DAPHNE – Across Baldwin County, COVID-19 vaccinations began Wednesday for more than 2,000 public school teachers and other staff members.

The vaccinations are being done in partnership with USA Health, Eddie Tyler, superintendent of education, said. He said most shot clinics have been held during the work day, when teachers are in class.

“It was important to us because teachers would have to leave school, they would have to get subs or they would have to go in the afternoons when either vaccines were limited or lines were long,” Tyler said. “So, USA Health reached out to us. We partnered with them. Our teachers can stay at their schools. They know when to come up. Our principals have that all orchestrated.”

Tyler said more than half the school system employees have signed up for the shots.

He said school system employees are considered essential workers and are in frequent contact with the public but have not been eligible for vaccinations until now.

“The thing that concerned me was our teachers are considered essential workers by Homeland Security,” Tyler said. “There's no doubt that our first responders and all those categories need to be at the front of the line, but our teachers, every day and even at events are among students and the public every day and why this didn't happen sooner I don't know, but I'm glad it's happening now.”

Daphne East Elementary Principal Mark Doherty said employees are excited about the opportunity to get vaccinated without having to take time away from the classroom.

“We could work a quick schedule make it happen today within about an hour.” Doherty said.

They're excited. To have the opportunity to do this in house . As he just said, finding subs has been an issue