Chris Elliott receives endorsement from Jeff Boyd, Bill Roberts


On July 2, Elliott received endorsements from all of the previous candidates for State Senate as Jeff Boyd and Bill Roberts both endorsed Chris Elliott for State Senate in the July 17 Republican Primary Runoff.

Boyd, who placed third in the primary, said this election was coming at a critical time for Baldwin County.

“As we approach the July 17th runoff, I want to ensure the people of Baldwin County and the Citizens of Orange Beach will be adequately represented in Montgomery, Boyd said outside of Orange Beach City Hall, where he serves as a council member. “While reviewing the options presented to me in the Republican Runoff and after prayerful consideration and consultation with my family, I am choosing Chris Elliot to be our next State Senator. “Chris will be a competent voice for Baldwin County in the State Senate and one we need at a crucial time of growth in Baldwin County. I believe Chris will be our advocate during this critical period, and I invite you to please join me in voting for Chris Elliot on July 17."

Boyd said he was grateful to the supporters who backed him in the primary and was encouraged by the experience he had as a candidate.

“I am grateful to each and every one of the thousands of Baldwin County residents that believed in me as I sought to become their State Senator,” Boyd said. “I was humbled by the number of voters who responded so positively to my message of statesmanship.”

Elliott joined Boyd at the announcement on Monday and welcomed the support.

“Jeff and I had a good working relationship but then you campaign with this guy and his enthusiasm is just contagious.” Elliott said. “Over the last year I’ve gotten to know his family and what he stands for as a person of faith and his leadership goals and I could not be more impressed and more honored to have his support.”

Also on Monday, Elliott received the endorsement of the only other republican candidate for senate, Bill Roberts, who was unable to attend the event on Monday.

Roberts previously served in the Alabama House of Representatives and was running as a resident of the district from Foley.

“Bill and I talked and he offered his assistance and his full support with an endorsement,” Elliott said. “Bill has a lot of experience and I expect to call upon him for advice and guidance if the people of Baldwin County give me the opportunity to represent them.”

Elliott, who led the primary with nearly 40 percent of the vote, said that coalition is the key to moving Baldwin County forward.

“In the last debate, my opponent said he was going to Montgomery to slash tires and that’s just not the way to get anything done,” said Elliott. “I understand the need to fight and stand strong on issues like I have, but we must also work together with others and that is a common ground between myself, Jeff and Bill. I will not back down and I will fight to get our fair share but we won’t get a dime without the ability to work together. I believe today’s announcements, showing how former opponents can come together and build a bond to do what’s best for Baldwin County is emblematic of how I work with people to find common ground and do what’s best for our communities.”

Elliott believes that while these endorsements will be a huge advantage, the voters are not looking for merely words or endorsements.

“I am out there campaigning every day, knocking on over 10,000 doors so far, over a hundred meetings and a dozen forums and debates – on top of my regular job and serving on the county commission – it’s exhausting but I love it,” Elliott said.