Theatre 98 Bringing Laughs This Summer with Dead Accounts


If the summer heat has been slowing things down for you, Fairhope Theatre 98 is ready to splash some cool laughs your way with “Dead Accounts”, written by Theresa Rebeck.

The ironic and satirical take on small town family life, interrupted by money and other big city problems, will have you laughing and wondering along with the characters. The show is directed by Robin Ann Page and will run from July 12-28.

The show opens as Jack, played by Michael Lee, unexpectedly returns to his hometown of Cincinnati after a decade working and living in New York City. , Why he has appeared suddenly in the middle of the night is the driving force of the show’s narrative, told through the questions asked by his surprised family.

Lee’s charismatic portrayal of the genius mind behind Jack’s character is charming to say the least. He often says, “Everything I say is the truth,” and Lee makes it surprisingly easy to believe.

However, the story would never unfold without Lorna, the inquisitive, and maybe a little too bored, sister portrayed by Ashley Campbell. Determined to find out the reasonbehind her brother’s sudden arrival, she brings trouble to the mix when she calls Jack’s mysterious wife, played by Reagan McDowell.

After the bickering and the quibbling between the family members is over, and the last line is read, you may still be left wondering. That is the point, Page said.

“Theresa Rebeck left it up to the audience to take away what you will from it,” she said.

The cast is rounded out by Teri Odell, Jack’s mother, and Jeff Lovingood, who plays Jack’s childhood friend.

Page said she hopes that her audiences will enjoy the comedy of everyday life triumphs and tribulations that entail in the show.

While author leaves the big picture open to your imagination, the little details of a family that loves and struggles with each other, just like we all do, will make you feel at home in this story.