Robertsdale Walmart closed for two hours to clear bomb threat


ROBERTSDALE, Alabama — The Walmart on Alabama 59 in Robertsdale was closed for approximately two hours on Sunday before it was determined that a bomb threat called into the store was not credible, officials said Monday.

Robertsdale Police Chief Brad Kendrick said he received a call just after 7 p.m. on Sunday that a bomb threat had been called into the store.

“Our standard procedure is to evacuate the store and have the store managers check their areas for anything that might be out of place,” Kendrick said. “They know their area better than we do and are capable of determining if there’s a threat.

If they see anything, they are advised not to touch it. They will then go into the area with an officer to point out the potential threat, and the officer will determine if the threat is legitimate.”

No evidence was found inside the store, Kendrick said, so it was re-opened after being closed for approximately two hours.