Signing day at Daphne High

Ten DHS athletes sign college papers

Posted 2/9/18

Ten (nine football, one swimming) Daphne High student-athletes were recognized for their accomplishment of making collegiate plans to play sports at the next level today. Surrounded by family, friends, coaches, the ...

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Signing day at Daphne High

Ten DHS athletes sign college papers


DAPHNE, Ala. -- Ten (nine football, one swimming) Daphne High student-athletes were recognized for their accomplishment of making collegiate plans to play sports at the next level today. Surrounded by family, friends, coaches, the Daphne High administration, and the Mayor of Daphne (Dane Haygood), the athletes signed their letters of intent to officially accept athletic scholarships offered to them by their future colleges/universities.

• Mary Katherine Stewart (Swim) – Birmingham-Southern College

o Daphne Head Swim Coach, Bryan Hunter on Mary Katherine Stewart, “She is a

phenomenal swimmer, a hard worker, a great student, and she is also our Bryant Jordan Student Achievement winner. I know that MK will go on to great things at Birmingham Southern.”

o “I am very thankful for the opportunity to continue swimming at Birmingham-

Southern. I am thankful to God for giving me the ability to play this sport which

has taught me leadership, discipline, and hard work.” – Mary Katherine Stewart

• Rylan Love (Football) – Missouri Baptist University

o “Rylan is a big and strong offensive lineman. I am proud of his time and the

growth he has shown at Daphne. I am greatly looking forward to watching him

get stronger, bigger, and play next to his brother at Missouri Baptist.” Said Daphne Head Football Coach Kenny King.

o “This is a great opportunity and I am thankful to Missouri Baptist. I can’t wait to be playing next to my brother, Killian again, as Spartans, which is what we always wanted.” – Rylan Love

• Chance Newman (Football) – Coffeyville Community College

o Daphne Head Football Coach Kenny King on Chance, “Chance was a key

component during his time at Daphne and I don’t think this was realized more

than when we lost him in our playoff game and weren’t able to find our footing.

He loves and dedicates himself to this sport and to his studies. Which is why he

will do great things at the next level and he will do them with great character,

strength and dedication.”

o “I’m so thankful to all my administrators, teachers, coaches, classmates,

teammates, and family during my four years at Daphne. I wouldn’t change one

thing about my experience here and will use everything I have learned from my

family and Coach King to succeed at the next level .” – Chance Newman

• Hunter McLaurin (Football) – Millsaps College

o “When you mention McLaurin, I think of a young man that is good, smart, and a leader, ‘ said Daphne High Head Coach Kenny King. “He came in this year for us as one of our many anchors on our offensive line and one of our leaders in the classroom. I know he will do the same for Millsaps not only on the line but in the classroom as well.”

o “I greatly appreciate everything that everyone has done for me and I truly

believe playing here at Daphne has prepared me for the challenges ahead and I

look forward to playing at the next level at Millsaps.” – Hunter McLaurin

• Rashad Yelding (Football) – Lenoir-Rhyne University

o Daphne Head Football Coach Kenny King on Rashad, “We lost him early his

senior year but Rashad was one of our team captains that played both sides of

the ball which is a great ability that will help him succeed at Lenoir-Rhyne.”

o “I want to thank everyone here in my life and at Daphne for everything they have done, for helping me become a better man, and for preparing me for the next level of my journey.” – Rashad Yelding

• Joseph Santini (Football) – University of the Cumberlands

o Daphne Head Football Coach Kenny King on Joseph, “I never worried about

Joseph academically because he is exceptionally smart. However, I was worried

about his size and told him over the summer he needed to gain 25lbs. He

showed up on the 1st day of practice 25lbs. stronger and I knew then that he was going to have a great year. And he did. I know without a doubt that the

coaches and faculty at the University of Cumberlands are going to be very

pleased with this young man and the great things he is going to achieve on and

off the field.”

o “My family has always been my #1 fans and have helped me to get here today. To my teachers from kindergarten to now – I appreciate you for pushing me academically. I’m very thankful for my coaches but mostly my teammates. I

wouldn’t change the times that we have gone through for anything in the world.

And I’m excited for the opportunity to attend and play at the next level. Go

Patriots.” – Joseph Santini

• Jack Cushman (Football) – Butler Community College

o “Jack embodies the true definition of selflessness and determination. During his four years playing varsity at Daphne he went through coaching changes and

position changes. But he never stopped putting his all in to whatever was asked

of him. He will succeed at Butler and definitely be missed here.” Daphne High

Head Football Coach Kenny King

o “I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to play at the next level. My family for supporting me and my coaches for making me into the man I am today. It was an honor to play for Coach King and Coach Reynolds on the best defense this year and a special thank you to Coach Guthrie, who never let up on me during my entire high school career.” – Jack Cushman

• Ty Reynolds (Football) – Rocky Mountain State College

o Daphne Head Football Coach Kenny King on Ty, “Ty was the heart and soul of

our team and our defense. His ability to make calls on the field during a game

and mentor our underclassmen during practice were one of the many keys to our success. He is a leader through and through. He will leave big shoes to fill here at Daphne but will be a strong force at Rocky Mountain.”

o “I can’t say thank you enough to God and my Family, I love them with all my

heart. I also would like to thank all the Coaches that I have been blessed to be

coached by here in Alabama and in Arizona. A special thanks to Coach King

and lastly to all of my teammates-I am thankful for each and every one of you for lining up next to me. I’m excited about the next step in my journey. Go Trojans and Go Bears.” – Ty Reynolds

• Hunter Monte (Football) – Union College

o “Hunter is a special talent that allowed us to put him on both sides of the ball this year. His athletic ability and commitment resulted in a breakout year for him andfor our team. I know he will take everything he has gained here at Daphne andbuild upon it at Union and we are excited for him and his future.” – Daphne Head Football Coach Kenny King

o “I would like to thank God for all his guidance and strength through my entire

journey. I’ve been playing this game since the age of 6 and never have I looked

up into the stands and not seen my Mom and Dad. I thank them for their support and love. I would like to thank my teachers for making me strive for success and my coaches and my team for making me a better player. I truly realize that I cannot be any more blessed and am proud to be attending Union College.” – Hunter Monte

• Marese McBride (Football) – Coffeyville Community College

o Daphne High Head Football Coach Kenny King on Marese, “He is a stellar young man that loves God and his family. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t like Marese unless they have lined up against him. He is a beast with unstoppable speed and strength when he gets on a football field. Everything about Marese will serve him well at the next level and I am excited to see him continue to strive and succeed.”

o “I just want to thank everyone that has ever helped me along this journey. I have a lot of family, a lot of friends, and a lot of Moms in Daphne and I am truly blessed because of each and every one. I could not have done it without my

teammates and my coaches and especially without Chance. We’ve been to

elementary school, middle school, high school, and now college together. Let’s

go put in the work at Coffeyville too.” – Marese McBride