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Repairs planned for Mullet Fountain

FAIRHOPE – The 11-year-old Mullet Run Fountain at the Fairhope City Museum has been closed until city crews can repair damage and deterioration, city officials said.

Company plans to shoot movie in Fairhope

11 hours ago

FAIRHOPE – A movie to be shot in Fairhope could have a major impact on the city a film company representative said, but city officials want to make sure that shooting plans don’t create an unhappy ending for local businesses and residents.

Detours set in downtown Fairhope

Yesterday at 12:00 PM

FAIRHOPE – Traffic in downtown Fairhope will be detoured at several locations as city crews work on construction projects.

Fairhope buys clock corner site

Yesterday at 12:00 PM

FAIRHOPE – While some officials expressed concerns about the price, the corner where the Fairhope clock is located will become Fairhope public property following action by the City Council.